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Brandon Rootz and Luciano The Messenjah team up on “Without The Greed”

brandon rootz and luciano the messenjah team up on without the greed

Brandon Rootz and Luciano The Messenjah

Brandon Rootz and Luciano The Messenjah drop single dubbed “Without The Greed”

Renowned musicians Brandon Rootz and Luciano The Messenjah have collaborated on a compelling and thought-provoking new single titled “Without The Greed.” This track uniquely combines reggae, RNB, and soul, creating a distinctive fusion that resonates with global audiences.

The inspiration behind “Without The Greed” stems from historical events driven by greed, such as slavery, the Holocaust, and the exploitation of entire civilizations. The song sheds light on the vast sums governments allocate to wars and weapons, neglecting the needs of those in extreme poverty. It envisions a world free from the destructive force of greed, promoting peace and beauty.

Brandon Rootz, the talented artist behind the song, aims to inspire positive action. Through “Without The Greed,” he encourages listeners to share, help one another, and live free from the clutches of greed, fostering unity and compassion.

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Produced by Brandon Rootz and Brandon Hess Music, the song’s production showcases an original sound blending reggae, RNB, and soul. The verses exude reggae vibes, while the chorus introduces elements of RNB and soul. With jazzy horn solos and a funky bridge section, the backing vocals harmonize seamlessly, creating a captivating musical experience.

Brandon Rootz envisions significant success for “Without The Greed.” He plans to perform alongside Luciano at major reggae festivals in 2024 and aims for the track to climb the Billboard charts, gain widespread airplay, and make waves in the music industry.

To complement the release, a visually stunning music video for “Without The Greed” will be unveiled soon, enhancing the song’s powerful message.

The collaborative effort involved industry professionals and talented musicians. Recorded at renowned studios like Tuff Gong, Mixing Lab, and Tads Records, contributors include Luciano Messenjah, Sherita Lewis, Dean Fraser, Okiel Mcintire, Oshane Love, Glen Browne, and Kirk Bennet. The song was engineered by Michael Boxy Howell, mixed by Shane C Brown, and mastered by Carlos Freitas, with executive producers Eric Hess and Rudy Gonzalez ensuring a smooth project execution.

Brandon Rootz describes the song as a significant milestone, emphasizing the collaboration with Luciano and the dedicated promotion for “Without The Greed.”

Despite facing challenges, including a dog attack during the creative process, Brandon Rootz’s determination and resilience prevailed, allowing the music to flourish.

With its infectious feel-good vibe and positive message, “Without The Greed” embodies what the world needs. Brandon Rootz and Luciano The Messenjah hope listeners will be inspired to be more conscious, let go of greed, and embrace sharing and helping one another.

After two years in the making, “Without The Greed” is set to make its mark on the world. Stay tuned for its release and join the movement towards a more compassionate society.

[Song Link: https://song.link/i/1714882356]

About Brandon Rootz:

Brandon Rootz is a renowned artist, producer, and songwriter known for his captivating blend of reggae, RNB, and soul. With heartfelt lyrics and uplifting melodies, Brandon seeks to inspire positive change in the world through his music.

About Luciano The Messenjah:

Luciano The Messenjah is a legendary reggae artist known for his soulful voice and profound lyrics. With a career spanning decades, Luciano has become a beacon of light within the reggae music scene, spreading messages of love, unity, and spirituality.



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