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BRYAN THE MENSAH Returns with ‘Detour’ EP: A Journey through Love

bryan the mensah returns with detour ep

BRYAN THE MENSAH Returns with Detour EP


After a hiatus from releasing music for a year, BRYAN THE MENSAH has made a remarkable comeback with a compelling 5-track EP. Known for his distinct blend of rapping and singing, BRYAN THE MENSAH has carved out a niche for himself in the alternative music scene, earning a devoted following. Over the years, he has enriched his discography with numerous projects, singles, and collaborations.

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Titled “Detour,” this EP delves deep into the multifaceted theme of love. Bryan fearlessly shares his personal encounters with love, highlighting aspects of heartbreak, personal growth, and transformation. Throughout the EP, there’s a recurring message about the importance of recognizing one’s own value within relationships, evident in tracks like “Finally,” “If I Love You,” and his previously released single, “Something.”

What distinguishes “Detour” is Bryan’s exploration of his spiritual journey and the profound love he has found through his faith in Christ, particularly in the final tracks, “Deliver” and “Not Enough.” This EP represents BRYAN THE MENSAH’s artistic evolution and his deep exploration of the intricacies of love.

“We’ve been on this journey since 2016, but this year, I realized there was a much bigger picture to everything. We took a ‘Detour’ and found a new direction,” says BRYAN THE MENSAH.

His previous project, “Road To hastafari,” achieved significant success, with the R&B hit single “Until I See You” garnering over a million listens and charting on various streaming platforms. With “Detour,” BRYAN THE MENSAH continues to impress and solidify his position as a noteworthy alternative/fusion artist.

If you have an appreciation for music and artists unafraid to explore life’s complexities, then “Detour” is an EP that should not escape your radar.



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