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Facebook and Instagram Users to Pay for Verification, Meta Boss Mark Zuckerberg Has Revealed

facebook and instagram users to pay for verification, meta boss mark zuckerberg has revealed

facebook and instagram users to pay for verification, meta boss mark zuckerberg has revealed

Social media giants Facebook and Instagram to allow users pay for verification as revealed by the CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg on his Facebook page

According to Meta boss, Meta will ‘roll out Meta Verified’ and will begin a subscription service to verify users accounts.

Mark Zuckerberg, Meta’s boss, announced in a Facebook post on Sunday that the service would first roll out in Australia and New Zealand later this week.

mark's facebook post

mark’s facebook post

Benefits After the Paid Facebook and Instagram Verification

He added that the accounts will be verified with a government ID, and subsequently after obtaining a blue badge, render some benefits to users which include extra impersonation protection against fake account, and get direct access to customer support as well increase authenticity and security across its services.

Expected Amounts to be Charged for Facebook and Instagram Verification

Mark Zuckerberg hinted of some amount users are to expect with the verification service which starts at US$11.99 a month on web or US$14.99 on iOS and Android (or, in Australia, $19.99 on web or $24.99 on iOS and Android).


Views From Users Regarding the Facebook and Instagram Paid Verification

Some people have opined that Meta is just replicating Elon Musk’s move after Elon introduced payment for Twitter follows in the footsteps of rival platform Twitter.

In response to his posts, some users have expressed disappointment in the announcement. One user suggested that the the move should have rather been part of the core the product and not to pay separately for it but that’s not really supporting authenticity.

user expressing disappointment in the announcement

user expressing disappointment in the announcement

Another user expressed joy over the announcement adding that he looks forward for more improvement from Meta, another user responded and said asking people to pay for the security and safety isn’t a feature but a basic requirement just as other major organisations have done.

comment from a user happy about the announcemnt

comment from a user happy about the announcemnt

Social media have become a vital world for businesses and individuals either for socializing and business activities, with huge benefits for companies and individuals. These benefits cannot be overemphasized hence firms and individual may succumb to subscription and terms that come with new features.



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