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I Still Have a Strong Connection with Funny Face – Vanessa Nicole

i still have a strong connection with funny face – vanessa nicole

Vanessa Nicole & Funny Face

Vanessa Defends Her Decision to Reconcile with Funny Face

Vanessa Niclole, the baby mama of Funny Face recently took to social media to address the critics who had been slamming her following her controversial interview with Kwaku Manu. Despite facing intense backlash for hinting at a possible reunion with the father of her children, she decided to speak her mind in a live Instagram video.

In the video, Vanessa expressed her frustration with those who had opposed her decision to reunite with Funny Face, emphasizing that they share a strong and unbreakable connection. She argued that her three children with Funny Face were evidence of a deeper relationship that outsiders could not fully comprehend.

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Vanessa firmly stated that she was not a hypocrite and pointed out that Funny Face had never accused her of harming him. As a mother, she believed that her decision to reconcile with him was not something that any reasonable person could condemn. She stressed the distinction between dating someone and having children with them, particularly in their case, where they had twins and another child together.

She urged people to be wise and not be naïve or ignorant. Vanessa emphasized that despite any past wrongdoings, Funny Face still loved their children, and she shared a genuine connection with him. She criticized those who had a narrow mindset and urged them to listen to others instead of remaining ignorant.

In her passionate speech, Vanessa sought to defend her choice to reunite with Funny Face, highlighting the complexities and depth of their relationship as parents to three beautiful children.



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