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Ghanaian rapper & Actor, OJ Blaq dies

ghanaian rapper & actor, oj blaq dies

ghanaian rapper & actor, oj blaq dies

Though the exact cause of his passing remains undisclosed, the rapper, OJ Blaq valiantly battled a persistent kidney ailment spanning several years.

In a February interview last year, OJ Blaq, also known as The Biggie Boy Lover, revealed that his double kidney failure a few years prior had been triggered by binge drinking and smoking.

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“I completely stopped smoking and drinking, and I started incorporating more vegetables into my diet. It hasn’t been easy adjusting my diet, as not all vegetables are suitable for renal patients. But if you truly value your life, you must adapt. It can be life-changing for renal patients when they neglect their blood pressure medication,” OJ Blaq shared on Asaase Radio.

He took the opportunity to advise the youth to prioritize their health and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

“My message to the youth is that they should pay close attention to their dietary choices,” OJ Blaq emphasized, adding, “Regular check-ups and a proper diet are crucial. Often, due to lack of awareness, we consume things that aren’t beneficial for us. Researching the right foods to consume is essential.”

Reflecting on the discovery of his kidney failure, OJ Blaq recounted, “After a motorbike accident, I started experiencing swelling in my feet, which I attributed to the accident. Some doctors even told me they were infection-related. I associated all kidney-related symptoms with the motorbike accident. It wasn’t until I felt extreme fatigue that I was diagnosed with kidney failure and placed on dialysis,” OJ Blaq added.

About OJ Blaq: Born Andy Nii Akrashie in Accra, Ghana, OJ Blaq embarked on his musical journey in the early 2000s. His debut album, “The Blaq Mixtape,” released in 2006, catapulted him to fame. Over the years, he continued to bless the world with a series of successful singles, with his chart-topping track “Chalewote” receiving significant acclaim.

Renowned for his unique rap style and thought-provoking social commentary woven into his lyrics, OJ Blaq was a versatile artist who transitioned from rap and hip-hop to urban gospel music.

“Transitioning from one genre to another isn’t simple. I now create Christian urban gospel music. My shift to gospel music was influenced by my experience with kidney failure. I chose to continue using the same rhythmic style but with different lyrics, as today’s Christians have evolved. My target audience is the new generation, the souls I aim to reach,” explained the “I’m Blessed” singer.

Beyond his musical talent, he gained popularity in Ghanaian cinema and television productions, notably in the popular series “Sun City.”

In 2021, the artist confronted the diagnosis of a kidney ailment, courageously battling the condition. Enduring a demanding dialysis regimen, he awaited the possibility of a kidney transplant. Unfortunately, OJ Blaq passed away on Thursday, August 17, 2023.



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