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Hajia Bintu’s New Car (Benz) and Why She’s Trending on Social Media

hajia bintu’s new car (benz) and why she’s trending on social media

hajia bintu’s new car (benz) and why she’s trending on social media

Ghanaian social media influencer, Noami Asiamah, popularly known as Hajia Bintu has revealed that she purchased her new car, Mercedes Benz from savings from her social media (Snapchat) earnings

She made this revelation in an interview on the Delay show stressing that more deals breed more money for her influencing job.

I saved the money I earned from social media influencing, and whenever I received more deals, I put the extra money aside. One can accumulate enough savings from these deals to purchase a car, she stated.

She further mentioned that Snapchat platform has been the main source her income with advertisements on the platform.

Whenever I post instant ads on Snapchat, I typically spend around 500 cedis, and I can post between five to ten ads per day. If you imagine how much that adds up to in a week or a month, it’s a significant amount, she added.

Hajia Bintu currently owns a new Mercedes Benz she claimed she swapped her Jaguar with when speaking to Delay on the Delay show.

I presently own the Mercedes-Benz. I swapped my Jaguar for it, she disclosed to Delay

The social media influencer following the Delay Show has been trending on Twitter and other platforms, for revealing some details about her personal life and source of her finance.

She also advised ladies not to be ashamed of their bodies but be proud and embrace their sexuality.



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