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Hajia4real’s (Mona4Real) Extradition to Us in a $2M Romance Scam; All You Need to Know

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Hajia4Real, also known as Mona Faiz Montrage, a Ghanaian social media influencer who has been in the news for some alleged scam activities has been extradited from the United Kingdom to the US for allegedly swindling over $2 million from older, single American men and women in a twisted lonely hearts scam

The federal prosecutors disclosed this on Monday, May 15, 2023. Similar reports have swirled over the past couple of months with some indicating that Hajia4real was engaged in a $8m dollar fraud in the Uk and was busted on a flight to Ghana.

In other reports the socialite was reportedly sentenced to 10 years in jail in UK and extradited to the US but management of Hajia4real hurriedly came public debunking the latter and adding that she was free and that Ghanaians must disregard what they described as damning and untrue reports.

Not until today, May 15, 2023, Mona Faiz Montrage also known as Hajia4real, a 30-year and mother of one was reportedly extradited to the US in a $2m romance scam.

According to reports, Hajia4real appeared in Manhattan federal court Monday for her alleged involvement in a series of romance schemes targeting older people who lived alone.

According to counsel of the accused, she pleaded not guilty to the charges and is set to be released in the coming days on $500,000 bond with GPS tracking via an ankle monitor.

Alleged Modus Operandi of Hajia4real (Modes of Operation)

Hajia4real is alleged to have at least in 2013 through to 2019 been involved with a group of con artists from West Africa who assumed fake identities to trick people into thinking they were in relationships with them using emails, texts and social media messages, the feds said.

Consequently, the victims would be made to transfer money to them under false pretenses — such as to help move gold to the US from overseas, to resolve bogus FBI investigations and payments to help fake US Army officers in Afghanistan, court papers allege.

Montrage (Hajia4real) allegedly duped a victim into sending her $89,000 through 82 wire transfers on the pretext of helping her father’s farm in Ghana, the court documents claim.

She is believed to have succeeded in making the victim to believe the duo were married by sending them a tribal marriage certificate after a series of phone conversations using her real identity.

Ghanaians have reacted to this developing news with varying comments where some think Hajia4real is culpable and must be punished for such offenses.



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