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‘I Need $100,000 To FIGHT & Defeat Coronavirus Spiritually’ – South African Pastor Claims

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Controversial South Africa pastor, Pastor Mboro has requested for $100,000 so he can fight coronavirus. 

According to Kenya Updates, Pastor Mboro believes the disease was sent from the pit of hell by Satan so the only way to handle it is to fight it spiritually, but not until he has been given a sum of $100,000 (₦36,700,000).

He was quoted as saying:

I Am Ready To Save Mankind. I Have Seen A Vision Of How The Coronavirus Demon Looks Like And I Will Defeat It.

The pastor also stated that there was no need to waste money on research when he has the capacity to deal with coronavirus ruthlessly in the spiritual realm.

“There Is No Need For Worry And Expensive Research, The Real Problem Is The Demon Causing This Disease And I Am Ready To Kill It Once And For All,” Pastor Mboro Said.

The pastor gave an ultimatum saying the money should come no later than the second week in April.



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