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Meet Golda Bulley, the Ghanaian who looks exactly ‘Funke Akindele’ From ‘Jenifa’s Diaries’


Funke Akindele on left. Adukwei Bulley, Ghanaian on the right

Funke Akindele (Nigerian)                                                        Adukwei Bulley (Ghanaian)

Funke Akindele has been the ‘ish’ the previous few years along with her comedy collection ‘Jenifa’s Diary’ bringing fame and success not simply in her homeland however in Ghana and even beyond the continent.

To say Ghanaians have fallen in love with ‘Jenifa’s Diary’ and Akindele’s distinctive damaged english can be an understatement, and thus it comes as no shock ‘Jenifa’ impersonator has garnered so much interest.

A viral video on social media exhibits a woman, recognized as Golda Adukwei Bulley, talking like Akindele’s tremendous widespread character and she fully nails it. Not only does she have the voice but in addition has the looks to replace Funke Akindele if possible.

Golda is on the seashore with a pal and she was filmed talking like Jenifa in a video which has since gone viral on facebook and twitter. Ghanaians can’t imagine Golda’s spot on impression and the video has fully taken over the web.

We’re most likely witnessing the delivery of a brand new comedic genius.

Below is the video of her at the beach with the friend:

Look at her photos below:

Golda Buley

Golda Buley

Golda Buley

Golda Buley

Golda Buley

Golda Buley



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