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Rev. Obofour Gifts GH¢15,000 to Ghetto Preacher Evangelist Suro Nyame

rev. obofour gifts gh¢15,000 to ghetto preacher evangelist suro nyame

Rev. Obofour Gifts GH¢15,000 to Ghetto Preacher Evangelist Suro Nyame

Rev. Obofour Invites Ghetto Preacher Evangelist Suro Nyame to His Church

Rev. Obofour, the Founder and General Overseer of Anointed Palace Chapel, made an unprecedented move by inviting Evangelist Suro Nyame, a renowned preacher from the ghetto, to his church. Over the weekend, Rev. Obofour warmly welcomed Evangelist Suro Nyame and some of his followers to his congregation.

During his visit, Evangelist Suro Nyame shared his powerful testimony of moving from one ghetto to another, preaching the gospel and leading people to Christ. When asked about collecting offerings during his ghetto preaching, he revealed that he sometimes prefers to give money to the people after delivering his message.

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Impressed by Evangelist Suro Nyame’s passion and commitment, Rev. Obofour advised him to consider establishing his own church. This way, the souls he wins in the ghettos can continue their spiritual journey within a church community. Furthermore, Rev. Obofour encouraged him to guide the newly converted individuals to change their dressing style and appearance, emphasizing that when one comes to Christ, they become a new person.

As a gesture of support and appreciation, Rev. Obofour gifted Evangelist Suro Nyame a generous sum of GH¢15,000. This financial contribution would assist him in his ministry endeavors.

Unlike typical street preachers, Evangelist Suro Nyame stands out with his dreadlocks and “gangster” attire, fearlessly proclaiming the word of Jesus to the people. Lately, Rev. Obofour has shifted his focus towards reaching out to those in the ghetto. In his numerous preaching moments captured on video, he emphasizes the importance of including and speaking the truth to ghetto boys and thugs, whom he believes are also valued by God, contrary to the neglect they often experience from modern-day preachers.

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