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Sensational Musician, Sasco Breez Set to catapult to Music fame

photo of musician, sasco breez

photo of musician, sasco breez

Sasco Breez is a Nigerian sensational recording artist, songwriter and singer. The song “I can die for your love,” which was released as his first official single, catapulted him to fame in Nigeria and Italy and across the globe. The song he sings has become a national anthem since 2021. The phrase “I can die for your love” has become a common lyric in the ghettos of Nigeria, especially among members of the opposite sex. It hasn’t been easy for promising bands like wizkid to make it to the top in Nigeria, despite the fact that they always sound amazing to the ears of music fans.

True to its name, Romeo and Juliet are based on a true story in which a man sacrificed his life for the love of another.
Verona was ruled by the Signoria degli Scaligeri, a dynasty of wealthy merchants, from 1262 to 1387, the time period during which the events of Romeo and Juliet are said to have taken place (1303).

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Dating and committed relationships are no longer the exceptions they were Seeing as how SASCO BREEZ has recently released a single titled “I CAN DIE FOR YOUR LOVE,” in which he sings about the rewards that can be won after tasting the sweetness of love so long as one prays for the unity of love, it is no surprise that this song addresses the benefits that can be won after experiencing love. Sasco Breez’s “I can die for your love” is both an accurate description of love and a practical visual representation of our daily needs. SASCO BREEZ, the youngest of five brothers, sang about how he “couldn’t afford to than to Die for your love” due to his devoted fanbase and high standing in the community. Repeatedly, SASCO BREEZ let out a piercing cry.

sasco breez image

sasco breez image

The song “is a song that may change any dreary circumstance into a profitable one, with lyrics like “die for love,” “keep your head up and be concentrate in when you are in love with a girl,” and so on. You will become a legendary figure in the world of show business. Everything in the song was expressed in a sardonic manner.

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Find some of the details about Sasco Breez’s biography.

As the youngest of five sons raised by Osasuyi OsayamenSASCO OSAYAMEN HOPE WILLIAM entered the world in August 1995 in Edo State, Nigeria. Sasco Breez is the stage name of the singer, philanthropist, and recording artist. SASCO OSAYAMEN HOPE WILLIAM, aka (Sasco Breez,) has taken several  Awards like “best artiste of the year” and “best song of the year” from the Megal Awards Italy.

sasco breez

sasco breez

and a string of singles like “Afro Thug,” “Letter to my mom,” “Erima,” “I CAN DIE FOR YOUR LOVE,” “all about risk,” and “One life to live” has propelled him to stardom.

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Sasco Breez was born into the William family in Edo State, and he was raised by his mother in the ikpoba hill region of Edo State, which was a historical royal realm. From 2004-2009, he was a student at Urora Primary School, before transferring to Eyaen Secondary. In the years 2010–2012, he attended Auchi Polytechnic and picked up his graduation jacket.

mega awards, italy

mega awards, italy

To Those Seeking Employment in the Music Business

Sasco Breez’s lifelong ambition was to achieve worldwide renown as a singer. He began to write songs in response to events unfolding in his own neighbourhood and community.
Sasco Breez grew up listening to music by artists like D.M.X, 50 Cent, Lucky Dube, Victor Uwaifo, and Fela Kuti, and in a recent interview with Obaland Entertainment gist Tv, he briefly discussed his upbringing and the influences that led him to pursue a career in music. Labelling Optimism Also well-known is Sasco breez. He signed a record deal with Bianco di Nero in 2020, and he’s been in the music industry ever since.


Born: Edo State, Nigeria

Known For: Rap, Hip Hop, Dancehall

Facebook Page: Facebook.com/sascobreez

Twitter Page: Twitter.com/sascobreez

Instagram Page: Instagram.com/sascobreez

Youtube Page: Youtube.com/c/sascobreez




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