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Sonnie Badu Calls for Peace in Bishop Agyin Asare/Nogokpo Saga

sonnie badu calls for peace in bishop agyin asare nogokpo saga

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Ghanaian Artist Sonnie Badu Mediates in Volta Region’s Bishop Agyin Asare/Nogokpo Dispute

Sonnie Badu, an award-winning UK-based Ghanaian artist, has joined the conversation surrounding the Bishop Agyin Asare/Nogokpo saga, which has been making headlines in recent days. In a Facebook post on June 5, Badu called for peace between the two parties and suggested that Bishop Agyin Asare should build a school as a gesture of reconciliation.

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The conflict began when the chiefs and residents of Nogokpo in the Volta Region issued a 14-day ultimatum to Archbishop Charles Agyin Asare, the founder and leader of Perez Chapel International, following his comments that referred to Nogokpo as the “demonic” headquarters of the Volta Region during a sermon. Agyin Asare clarified that his remarks were not meant to demean any specific town or its residents but were intended to illustrate the principle of divine protection. However, his explanations did not sit well with the elders of Nogokpo, leading to tensions.

Sonnie Badu, in his Facebook post, acknowledged that he is not a member of Perez Dome and hasn’t spoken to Bishop Agyin Asare in many years. However, he felt that the situation was escalating unnecessarily. Badu mentioned that the bishop had provided a detailed explanation of the incident and highlighted his personal connections to the Volta Region through his wife and children. Badu also noted that it is not unusual for towns to have practices associated with witchcraft or spiritual activities.

Furthermore, Badu commended Bishop Agyin Asare’s philanthropic efforts in the Volta Region, which have not received much publicity. As a solution to bridge the divide, Sonnie Badu proposed the idea of constructing a school in Nogokpo. He believed that this act of love and charity would help foster peace and understanding between the bishop and the people of Nogokpo. Badu expressed his love and admiration for both parties and expressed a desire to visit Nogokpo for a concert someday.

In conclusion, Sonnie Badu called for peace, love, and respect to prevail in the situation. He expressed his belief that even the gods of Nogokpo would agree with his message. Sonnie Badu signed off as Dr. Sonnie Badu, emphasizing his credentials and his commitment to promoting unity and harmony.



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