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The media said I am a pastor, I have never been to the Bible school – Actor Majid Michel

the media said i am a pastor, i have never been to the bible school actor majid michel

the media said i am a pastor, i have never been to the bible school actor majid michel

Award-winning actor Majid Michel has denied claims that he’s a pastor, saying the media made him one

The famous Ghanaian actor who featured in movies like Chelsea, Agony of Christ The Game etc. debunked this claim adding that “he only taught what he found in Christianity”.

The actor also admitted sharing the word of God publicly as seen by many but that doesn’t make him an ordained man of God.

Majid made a dramatic switch from acting to preaching. Fellow actors and actresses and fans described him as an evangelist as the actor was seen in churches, gatherings and conferences sharing the word of God.

The Actor spoke to Andy Dosty on Hitz FM as he clarified events that led to Ghanaians mistaking him for a pastor.

In a bid to share what I had learnt, the media saw me in various churches, conferences, and gatherings where I spoke about these things and it was the media that said I am a pastor, I have never been to the Bible school. I have never been an ordained pastor.

Growing up I never understood any of those things (being Christian), and after I grew up, I found out for myself, read it for myself…After I grew up and discovered it for myself I decided to teach it. he added.

Having a prayerful life and a relationship with God is good, the actor advised.

Some persons believe the pastoral service in Ghana is very lucrative in direct contravention of the Holy Book and the actor perhaps decided to capitalize on opportunities that come with being a pastor but didn’t go as planned by the actor.



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