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These Are The Top Three (3) Social Media Challenges, Coronavirus Has Sparked Since Its Outbreak

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Since the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus, several social media challenges has been launched to spread calm and some to help kill boredom.

Due to the pandemic, lot of fear and panic has been caused in humanity and as a way of letting go that fear, some of these challenges were launched to calm nerves and give hope for a better future.

Below is a list of top 3 social media challenges which is ongoing during this quarantine season.

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The Prayer Challenge (#prayerchallenge)
In this challenge, one records a video of them-self praying against the spread of the coronavirus and its eradication on earth totally and post it on their social media page.


Stay Home Challenge (#stayhomechallenge)
The Stay Home Challenge was started by renowned footballers like Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi and others. This challenge is where people use tissue paper (T-Roll) as football and play it for several minutes.



He Got The Whole World Challenge (Hegotthewholeworldchallenge)
This challenge was launched by movie producer, Tyler Perry and in this challenge people record a video of them singing the gospel song, “He got the whole world” and post them on their social media handles.




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