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TinoGh Advises Final Year Candidates

TinoGh Advises Final Year Candidates
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TinoGh Advises Final Year Candidates

TinoGh Advises Final Year Candidates. Ghanaian music producer/singer surprised final-year students of Obuasi Senior High Technical School (OSHTS) in the Ashanti Region.

His visit was aimed at encouraging the final-year candidates towards their coming examination this year.

Tinogh advised final-year students to be diligent in their studies and also respect school rules and regulations as they prepared for their exams.
He said until they completed their respective exams, they were still students and therefore must always obey school rules and regulations.

He warned students not to misconduct themselves during examinations since it can lead to sanction.

He also noted with concern that most final-year students, after registering for their exams, absented themselves from school and said such attitude was not only a display of indiscipline, but could also affect their final examination results.

“My dear little ones, if you don’t come to school to learn as your teachers are conducting series of mocks to prepare you adequately, how will you pass your examinations well to enable you continue to the higher levels?”
“For now, you may not know the harm you are causing to yourselves, but in future you will regret your actions,” TinoGh emphasised.

He also took the opportunity to advise the female students of their life after Senior high, he said ” my dear sixteen years please take your time to nurture for your husband since after all they won’t bare any responsibility in time of difficulty.
He again tasked male teachers and students to avoid any relation with female student since it doesn’t help in a nation building”.

The singer/Producer also appealed to parents and guardians to take a keen interest in the education of their children and wards by ensuring they do not only complete their education, but take their studies seriously to come out successfully in their examinations.


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