Switch Lyrics by Strongman

strongman – switch lyrics

strongman – switch lyrics

Switch Lyrics by Strongman

We present to you the official lyrics of the trending song “Switch” by Strongman. Sing along and share below

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Tena me nanso
Weather no aba nti b3ma wo nanso
Mehy3 ase3 mengyina oo merek) tamale kwanso
Ma menhy3 ase3 na anadwo yi mebr3 a watoaso
Obaa wo shape te sei meny3 sure s3 akonwa nko na wo tena so

Wo to na 3woso s3 akasaa
Obaa wo shape s3 apataa
Medi wakyi a 3n3 anadwo yi mek) studio a asakaa
Body nie Akok) nwu y3 a hwan na )p3 as)kwaa
Mame one night masan a wo wie watwa Adapaa

Obaa yi y3 hardnut
I still dey admire
sake of me ankasa I’m in for badass
Me hu wo waist hw3 wo beads w) Snapchat
Bie mu mame na menhy3m s3 smart card

Akua wow) too much sauce
Me too I no want pause
No be trolls on twitter baby I wan dey your top
Ask about me
S3 wop3 money dea my baby I go sort
Oh my baby
Looku Sharp s3 knife na de3 aka y3 fork

Anadwo 3b3 k)so
Mafa lawyer beposo
Obaa meny3 carpenter nanso wo biem de3 a m3b) so
Mede wo b3hyia me sofo
Wo whine bia med)fo
Meny3 dwaman fo) oo nanso mehu a manum 3t) so

3b3 y3 wos3 3y3 sini
Wama madwen agyimi
Pono nato mehini
W’anhw3 yie a wob3 muni
Hard guy nso wo body yi ay3 me gbili gbili
Ma ne nsetti anadwo yi oo a med)fo julie julie

Ade3 3ku me wo mpokua
Wo b) meka bia metua
Mede me sika 3p3 mmaa k)k)) wode wode3 3hw3 abusua
Ade no setti a me mia
Mentw3n na obi ab3 wia
Body wei na mallam hu a )gye schnapp akotoa

Wo firi nkran a nka wode naa
Wob3 gye woho menaa
Wode wo Nsa fefa ma sum a metirim y3 me naa
W’ahwe bikini koraa Woy3 fly ky3n anomaa
Mene wo b3ka ama wate ase3 s3 Jon na 3to monaa

Key soap, wo favorite rapper bars nyinaa y3 concert
3ny3 flow no k3k3 berma to wo bo checki content
Yeahhhhhh spare the rod and the kids are pampered
Mani mbre obi hwee onyankop)n u know I’m content

I don’t do ass licking
U see the clock is ticking
Me girlfriend ny3 musician so I’m not here for love making

Menbu ade3 Mey3 proud
I don’t roll with clown
No one touch my crown
Mey3 ohiani stubborn proud

Me checki bars s3 dvla
Forget vgma
Me rep kumasi sene3 Kendrick rep La

Mo mma me nka me twi menp3 br)fo 3w) Hyundai Accent
Ur favorite rappers favorite rapper call me uncle Vincent

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Checki me Resume
No one is ahead of me
Hw3 boys y3 soft nso me y3 hard s3 Chad economy
Mo ncharge me Felony
U could see the irony
Obi nnim Kwaku sei a ne generation y3 indomie

They say You be good today
But you be bad tomorrow
)mo a )mo praise dabo cavani na 3san haili dumelo
Compare rap to cairo
Hommy Then I be pharaoh
Dote boy m3nkyer3 me hwee me balli
Monte Carlo

Yeah Hey

Ewiase nsems3m
Nansa yi rap no egu me s3 nt3nky3m
Osei mep3 nt3m
Afe yi me rap etu s3 akonf3m
Yapie mo da nt3m
Osei meka ns3m
3k) yie a ma wani ngye 3ny3 obia na ne tiri fu apapam

Y3 falli bia Y3se)re we still on the hustle , we still on the move
Me njoini psquare but mene Wo nya asem a Mey3 rude
Charley mapa ho ne prove
I be king I be setting the rules
I don’t need to blow my trumpet eno be hard to choose

Charley the style dey be bro
Mey3 G bro
Wo y3 pained a bra b3gye hye kuro
Tes3 offset ne cardi b bro
Me ne ghana rap no 3fa furo
Rappers hw3 me ne mo ahenkuro
Y3 lande a na 3y3 Heathrow
Na 3y3 Heathrow

Waso kr)no b) hommy na 3ny3 race cross
Rap k)mfo) charley maben ky3n prof
3n3 boys yani nwu asem wob3te mesi mansion nanso wob3k) mu na ne nyinaa half plot

Kati Kati Kati Kati Kati Kati Kati

Kati Kati Kati Kati Kati Kati Kati

Kati Kati Kati Kati Kati Kati Kati

Wob3te Mano Kati Kati Kati Kati Kati Kati






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