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Ghana Triumphs Over Nigeria in Epic UK Jollof Cook-Off, Zibah Takes Crown

Zibah, the celebrated Ghanaian gospel musician and accomplished caterer at DZ Bespoke Catering a subsidiary of GADIAM Foods based in the United Kingdom (UK), has achieved an exceptional culinary milestone by unanimously winning the title of “Overall Best Cook” on the popular UK cooking competition show organised by “Karibu” with her delectable rendition of Ghana’s beloved dish Jollof Rice.

The competition was between Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Gambia and Zibah won unanimously placing Ghana at the first position, Gambia second, Sierra Leone at the third and Nigeria at the last position.

This remarkable victory highlights Zibah’s culinary prowess and her ability to masterfully prepare a dish that holds a special place in the hearts and taste buds of many.

Zibah’s journey on “Karibu” was a testament to her dedication and passion for cooking, as she meticulously crafted a Jollof Rice dish that not only paid homage to Ghana’s culinary traditions but also added her own unique touch.

Her Jollof Rice creation stood out for its perfect balance of flavors, exquisite presentation, and a captivating blend of spices that left judges and viewers impressed.

As the “Overall Best Cook” with her Jollof Rice triumph, Zibah has not only showcased her culinary excellence but has also celebrated the cultural heritage and delights of Ghana.

Her unanimous win serves as a shining example of how a single dish can become a symbol of national pride and artistry, uniting people through the universal language of food.

Zibah’s victory with Jollof Rice on “Karibu” is a momentous achievement that solidifies her status as a culinary and musical icon.

Her ability to elevate a beloved Ghanaian dish to international acclaim is a testament to her talent, creativity, and her role as a cultural ambassador proudly representing Ghana on a global stage.

Zibah was very excited during her interview with Angelle Joseph on BBC Radio after winning the title of “Overall Best Cook.”

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Give a listen to the interview with Zibah and BBC Radio below

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