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Lifting Up (Album) by Zibah


Zibah – Lifting Up (Album)

UK based Ghanaian talented Gospel musician, Zibah has released her much anticipated album “Lifting Up”

The brand new album “Lifting Up” is a soul-stirring gospel album that serves as a powerful beacon of hope, inspiration, and spiritual elevation. With its collection of (9) nine heartfelt and uplifting songs, this musical masterpiece encapsulates the essence of faith, love, and praise, creating an immersive experience that resonates deeply with listeners.

Each track on “Lifting Up” is carefully crafted to touch the hearts of believers and non-believers alike, bridging the gap between different walks of life and embracing the universal message of unity and compassion. The soulful and impassioned vocals of ZIbah, combined with soul-stirring instrumentation and harmonious melodies, elevate each song to a new level of spiritual transcendence.

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The album’s themes revolve around personal growth, redemption, and the triumph of the human spirit over adversity. Whether through foot-tapping gospel rhythms or soulful ballads, ZIbah’s emotive voice delivers messages of encouragement and perseverance, reminding listeners that there is strength in vulnerability and solace in faith.

From the opening track to the soul-stirring finale, “Lifting Up” takes listeners on an emotional journey of self-reflection and spiritual introspection. Each song is a testament to the power of belief, urging listeners to embrace their unique journey and find solace in the divine.

As a whole, “ZIbah – Lifting Up” is an enchanting and transformative musical experience that transcends genre boundaries and leaves an indelible mark on the hearts and souls of its audience. This gospel album is a timeless celebration of faith, hope, and the boundless power of music to connect us to something greater than ourselves.

Stream Zibah”Lifting Up” Album below;



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